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DXi3500 Product Overview
The DXi3500 disk-based backup appliance uses Quantum's patented data de-duplication technology to increase the amount of backup data users can retain on disk by 10 to 50 times. Quantum's DXi3500 provides fast and reliable backup and restore and they make WAN replication a practical, cost-effective part of disaster recovery planning. The DXi3500 is designed for sites with from 1.2 to 4.2TB of local data to protect.
  • Up to 210TB of backup retention capacity

  • High backup performance of up to 290GB per hour provides enterprise scale protection, even for tight backup windows

  • Multi-site replication options for WAN-based remote replication
DXi3500 Product Details

Quantum's DXi3500 solution is an integrated appliance that is easy to install and use with all leading backup applications. It provide best-in-class performance and flexible, easy-to-use interface options including NAS, virtual tape library or mixed presentations along with Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity. The DXi3500 delivers:

  • Advanced Data De-duplication Increasing Disk Retention for Backup Data
    The DXi3500 disk backup and replication appliance leverages Quantum's patented data de-duplication technology to dramatically increase the role that disk can play in the protection of critical data. With the DXi3500 solution, users can retain 10 to 50 times more backup data on fast recovery disk than with conventional arrays.

  • Remote Replication of Backup Data Providing Automated Disaster Recovery Protection
    With DXi3500 replication, users can transmit data from a single site or multiple sites to a central location. DXi3500 replication is asynchronous, automated, and it operates as a background process.
  • Easy Installation and Use in Existing Environments
    The DXi3500 is an integrated appliance with an intuitive graphical user interface and two presentation modes that make it easy to install, share, and manage. A backup NAS interface allows users to attach a DXi3500 appliance to any Ethernet network and share it easily between multiple media servers. For larger, SAN environments, a virtual tape library interface (Fibre Channel or iSCSI) gives users enterprise performance and lets them use standard tape library presentations.

  • Advantage Over Conventional Disk
    Quantum's DXi-Series are a cost-effective way for IT departments to store backup data on disk for months instead of days, providing high speed, reliable restores and increasing both recovery points and your disaster recovery options.
StorageCare Vision- Monitoring and Management Solution

Monitor and manage your entire data protection environment from a single window
StorageCare Vision is a consolidated management tool for Quantum tape and disk devices, as well as backup applications, host system and switches from industry leading vendors.

With StorageCare Vision® from Quantum, you can monitor and manage your entire data protection environment from one convenient window - giving you complete visibility into all the layers of your data protection infrastructure. StorageCare Vision puts an end to juggling multiple management tools and interfaces when troubleshooting, generating reports, optimizing, and fine tuning your data protection environment.

DXi3500 Product Services and Support

The Quantum DXi3500 comes with next-day on-site service as part of its standard warranty.

All Quantum solutions-whether they are based on disk, replication, tape or a combination of technologies-are supported by Quantum's innovative StorageCareT Guardian technology and our premier global service organization dedicated to backup, recovery, and archive.

StorageCareT Guardian enables Quantum to proactively monitor the health of Quantum systems over the internet and uses intelligent diagnostics data to remotely service the equipment if issues arise. StorageCareT Guardian offers highly reliable backups and faster problem resolution at no extra cost. Guardian is easy to install and can be downloaded online.


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Last updated 6/5/2014