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PX720 Product Overview

Quantum's revolutionary PX720 tape library raises the bar when it comes to features and functionality. With cutting-edge technology and unmatched versatility, the PX720 seamlessly integrates into a variety of heterogeneous environments. With the ability to scale up with the Capacity on Demand (CoD) feature, the PX720 offers an innovative solution to satisfy the requirements of any IT professional's immediate needs while providing a clear, cost-effective path for future growth.

  • Customer-driven design paired with fifth generation robotics ensure the highest reliability

  • Accommodates from one to 20 SDLT320, SDLT 600, DLT-S4, LTO-2 , LTO-3, LTO-4 drives and up to 726 media slots - scaling to over 3,600 slots

  • Boasts an impressive capacity of up to 581TB and performance of 11.5 TB/hr per single frame

  • High availability, Web-based management and redundant components plus installation - all included at no additional charge.

PX720 Product Details

Quantum has continually sought the advice of our extensive user base to help define and plot the course of the next generation of tape libraries. The design and implementation of the PX720 is no different. Based on thorough customer feedback, the PX720 was uniquely engineered to deliver what customers expect plus additional features to place it in a class of its own.

The PX720's fifth generation, time-tested robotics ensure unmatched reliability and uptime. With standard redundant features such as fans and power supplies, IT professionals do not have to choose between high-availability and price. Easily serviced and upgraded from the front or rear of the library, the PX720 was designed to get online and stay online.

The PX720 can integrate into a variety of network environments. With multiple connectivity options to choose from and a wide assortment of supported drive types such as SDLT 320, SDLT 600, DLT-S4, LTO-2, LTO-3 and LTO-4, IT professionals can mix and match interfaces (FC, SCSI and GbE) or drive types (nFC and SCSI) to address network consolidation pain-points.

The PX720 supports from one to twenty drives and 726 media slots in a single frame and can scale to over 3,600 media slots with the unique CrosslinkT Mechanism. The Capacity on Demand (CoD) feature allows you to buy the capacity you need today and incrementally add capacity as your data requirements increase while Performance on Demand (PoD) allows you to meet changing performance requirements.

The PX720 delivers enterprise class features at a superior value. With innovative features such as Web-based management and monitoring, redundant power supplies, and cooling plus installation and training at no additional charge, the PX720 offers IT professionals an exceptional tape library at a price they can afford. With additional cost saving concepts like CoD and PoD, you can buy what you need today and upgrade when you need to.

Encryption Solutions
Quantum has partnered with Decru, a NetApp company and leader in storage security, to collaborate on key management and encryption technology to further enhance Quantum's security offerings. Quantum currently offers our tape library solutions with Decru DataFort FC-Series and S-Series appliances, including DataFort FC1020, the industry's first 10-port tape encryption appliance.
StorageCare Vision- Monitoring and Management Solution

Monitor and manage your entire data protection environment from a single window

StorageCare Vision is a consolidated management tool for Quantum tape and disk devices, as well as backup applications, host system and switches from industry leading vendors.

With StorageCare Vision® from Quantum, you can monitor and manage your entire data protection environment from one convenient window giving you complete visibility into all the layers of your data protection infrastructure. StorageCare Vision puts an end to juggling multiple management tools and interfaces when troubleshooting, generating reports, optimizing, and fine tuning your data protection environment.

PX720 Services and Support
Through Quantum StorageCareT Services, a one-year on-site warranty: 5x9 next day response comes standard with the purchase of each PX720. A variety of hardware support plans are available with up to 7x24x4 support in many countries around the globe. Quantum also offers standard and custom integration packages for all Quantum enterprise-class products in most environments and configurations.
The PX720 is supported by StorageCare Guardian, Quantum's new proactive remote monitoring solution. Leveraging   the intelligence inside the PX720, Guardian enables Quantum to proactively monitor the health of the library over the   Internet and use intelligent diagnostics data to remotely service the equipment when something is wrong. Designed to   deliver highly reliable backups and rapid resolution time, Guardian is offered at no extra cost for products under   warranty or service contract. Guardian is easy to install and can be downloaded online.

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Last updated 6/30/2012