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Spectralogic Tape Libraries and Tape Backup

Tape libraries from Spectra Logic will lower management costs, reduce risk, and protect your investment. Whether entry level, workgroup, or enterprise level backup and archive is needed, we have tape libraries you need.


Spectra T-Finity Tape Library

  • 2 redundant robots per library
  • 30,520 slots: 91.6 PB (LTO-5 with 2:1 Compression)
  • > 120 drives: over 121 TB/hr
  • Redundant Robotics Control Modules (RCM)
  • Redundant I/O and Communications Paths
  • LTO-3, 4, 5 tape drives
  • SDLT and SAIT supported for legacy media restore

Spectra T950 Tape Library

  • Minimum configuration has as few as 100 slots and two drives
  • Scale up to as many as 10,050 slots
  • Scale up to as many as 120 drives
  • Cascades to eight frames with single robotic mechanism
  • Mixed media including LTO, SAIT, and SDLT

T-Series Mid-Range Tape Libraries (T200/T380/T680)

  • Tape Slots: up to 680
  • Tape Drives: up to 24
  • Mixed media including LTO-3, LTO-4 and LTO-5
  • TranScale™ allows you to upgrade to a larger library while preserving your investment

Spectra T120 Tape Library

  • Up to 120 slots and 6 full-height drives in one rack-mount library unit
  • Mixed half-inch media - LTO-3, LTO-4, LTO-5
  • Automatic data encryption with BlueScale Encryption

Spectra T50e Tape Library

  • Enterprise-level features including BlueScale Encryption and Media Lifecycle Management
  • Can be configured from 10 to 50 slots
  • Available with two full-height drives or four half-height drives


  • Networked Tape Drive
  • Gigabit Ethernet - iSCSI
  • 6" h x 9.75" d x 15.5" w
  • 15.2 cm h x 24.8 cm d x 38.4 cm w
  • Desktop unit


  • Networked Tape Drive
  • Direct Conntect SCSI
  • 6" h x 9.75" d x 15.5" w
  • 15.2 cm h x 24.8 cm d x 38.4 cm w
  • Desktop unit

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Last updated 6/5/2014