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News 2009
Advanced HPC Delivers Calit2 Compute Cluster
December 10, 2009

UCSD’s Calit2 and Advanced HPC join forces to deliver UCSD’s latest compute resource which is now installed at SDSC. After weeks of consulting and testing applications with Advanced HPC engineers, The Department of Nanoengineering core scientists moved forward with an Advanced HPC cluster. It was determined after running the departments main application on an AMD Istanbul CPU architecture, AMD would offer the best flop per dollar.

"My research group at UCSD recently purchased a 100-plus CPU cluster of AMD’s  2.2GHz Istanbul processor from Advanced HPC. The cluster was installed on time and the personnel were friendly and helpful. Overall I had a great experience with Advanced HPC and I highly recommend  them"           - Head of Department of Nanoengineering, UCSD

sdsc_logo calit2  
Spectra Logic Introduces Industry's Largest and Most Efficient Enterprise Tape Library
T-Finity’s Modern Design Ensures Enduring Access to Data Archives and Backups for Enterprise IT, Federal, High Performance Computing and Media/Entertainment Organizations  
November 10, 2009 - Boulder, CO
Spectra Logic, celebrating 30 years of data storage innovation, today announced the industry’s most advanced enterprise tape library that meets demanding archive and backup requirements while saving customers up to 30 percent on initial capital investments and 15 to 20 percent on annual recurring operational expenses.  The Spectra T-FinityTM library offers multiple, redundant robots, scaling to more than 45 petabytes in a single library and to more than 180 petabytes in a single, unified library complex.(1) The T-Finity is targeted for use in data-intensive environments such as large enterprise IT, federal, high performance computing (HPC) and media/entertainment.
“With escalating data volumes and retention requirements, organizations need large archive and backup solutions that ensure long-term data access. The Spectra T-Finity provides superior capacity and stored data access, and its modern design resets expectations on the economic savings achievable with tape storage solutions,” said Nathan Thompson, Spectra Logic’s CEO and founder. “The T-Finity library enables customers to consolidate multiple legacy libraries, reduce initial capital investments, control ongoing operational expense, and ensure investment protection with scalability to meet long-term data growth requirements.
The Spectra T-Finity provides high availability for 24x7x365 operations - the highest storage density available on the market - and high-speed performance to handle sustained high transaction volumes. These capabilities meet the needs of demanding backup environments, and are key for the growing number of organizations archiving high volume, media-rich data such as research, bio-tech, oil and gas, seismic imaging, surveillance video, media and entertainment, video content and financial applications.  And with support for industry-leading LTO open tape technology and IBM System Storage™ TS1130 tape drives, the Spectra T-Finity enables customers to select their preferred enterprise tape option.
“Sites with large data sets and data-intensive environments require intelligent, high­-performance and high-capacity backup and archive storage solutions,” said Steve Conway, IDC’s research vice president of technical computing, and HPC User Forum steering committee member. “Spectra Logic’s new T-Finity tape library addresses the demanding storage and productivity requirements of HPC and enterprise markets. It supplies multiple redundant components and unique features, while requiring only a single management interface, thus raising the bar on management simplicity within data-intensive environments.”
Spectra T-Finity delivers enterprise tape library advancements based on a modern design that saves cost while increasing confidence in data integrity and availability on tape:
  • Highest Density: At 72 terabytes per square foot, the T-Finity provides up to 70 percent higher density than competitive offerings. (2)   
  • Most Scalable: Almost 200 percent more capacity and slots in a single library than leading competitors,(3) the T-Finity scales to more than 30,000 slots in a single library and 120,000 slots in a single library complex. It scales capacity by adding frames non-disruptively, requiring no library downtime. 
  • High Availability Hardware:   Delivers up to four nines (99.99%) availability through dual robotics, redundant control and communication paths, and multiple redundant components that increase uptime and support high exchange rate workloads. 
  • Confidence in Data Availability: Spectra’s Lifecycle Management includes proactive library, tape drive and media lifecycle management and reporting to ensure high availability and data integrity. Additionally, Spectra's ScanTapeTM functionality verifies the health of tapes before writing data to them, and then verifies the data was successfully written to the tape. No other library on the market offers this complete environmental and data health intelligence. 
  • Most Power Efficient: Extremely efficient, the T-Finity tape library uses half or less of the power per unit of data stored as competitive offerings,(4) minimizing power and cooling costs.
  • Integrated Data Encryption and Key Management:  Spectra’s data encryption enables organizations to secure data and reduce the cost of regulatory compliance.     
  • Unified Management: As the only enterprise-class library with a single management interface, the T-Finity uses Spectra’s BlueScale™ software to simplify administration, configuration, hot upgrades, security and local and remote reporting.
The Spectra T-Finity’s many 'built-in' features include: integrated data encryption; library virtualization and partitioning; and hardware, media and library management software – all included at no additional cost. Competitive offerings charge extra for these capabilities and require separate servers – increasing hardware, space, power, cooling, support contract and personnel management costs.
The Spectra T-Finity will be on display in booth #2595 at Super Computing 2009 (SC09) at the Portland Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, November 16-19. Spectra Logic executives will be on hand at the SC09 conference to answer questions and demonstrate the power of the Spectra T-Finity.
Pricing and availability
The Spectra T-Finity tape library is currently in beta and will be available in limited quantities starting in December 2009. List pricing for the Spectra T-Finity, including two LTO4 fibre channel drives, two robots, encryption, Spectra library lifecycle management and BlueScale management software, begins at $218,500.
T-Finity is compatible with all major archive and backup software applications including but not limited to: BakBone NetVault, CA ArcServe, and BrightStor, CommVault Sympana, Filetek StorHouse, FrontPorch DIVArchive, IBM HPSS and TSM, Legato DiskExtender and Networker, MassTech MassStore, QStar, Quantum StorNext, SGI DMF, SGL FlashNet, Symantec Backup Exec and NetBackup, Syncsort Backup Express and XenData.
(1)Based on LTO-5 native capacity
(2)The T-Finity library delivers 72 TB/sq ft, and is 40 to 70 percent more dense than competing libraries, which store 40 to 42 TB/sq ft.
(3)A single T-Finity library unit scales to more than 30,000 slots, more than twice the size of the next largest library—the Sun/STK SL8500—at 10,088 slots in a single library. 
(4)The typical power usage of the T-Finity is 873 watts or 0.35 watts/TB, at least half that of competing libraries, which utilize 1,273 to 1,798 watts; or, 0.81 to 2 watts/TB. Assumes maximum slot configurations with twelve drives.
Bureau of Land Management awards $164,279 contract to Advanced HPC
November 5, 2009

Bureau of Land Management awards $164,279 contract to Advanced HPC for Tape archival project for Seven BLM locations. Five locations will receive T50e’s and Two locations will receive the Spectralogic T120.

Customer Appreciation Halloween Event sponsored by QLogic, FalconStor and Eaton Power & Cooling
October 30, 2009 - San Diego, California
United States Air Force awards $62,905 contract to Advanced HPC
September 30, 2009

United States Air Force awards $62,905 contract to Advanced HPC for a
96TB disk solution. The total solution consisted of four SS-8801R RAID units.

Naval Post Grad  awards $115,975 contract to Advanced HPC
September 29, 2009

Naval Post Grad awards $115,975 contract to Advanced HPC for their Multi-Petabyte tape archival solution. Advanced HPC partnered with Spectralogic to install the best of breed T950 and numerous expansion frames and drives. The decision was made based on Spectra’s best-in-class product which offers best density, media lifecycle management (MLM) and built in encryption.

NVIDIA Continues To Lead The GPU Computing Revolution With WHQL Certification For DirectCompute In Windows 7
August 24, 2009

NVIDIA has again demonstrated leadership in the GPU computing revolution by being the first hardware vendor to receive Windows Hardware Qualification Lab (WHQL) certification for a driver supporting DirectCompute and Windows 7. With hundreds of applications that take advantage of the power of NVIDIA GPUs in development or already available, DirectCompute enables more than 100 million users of GeForce GPUs to run applications optimized for DirectCompute so they can spend less time waiting and more time creating and sharing content with friends and families.



"Windows 7 combined with applications that take advantage of the new DirectCompute technology have the potential to transform the personal computing experience for millions of customers using GPUs to turbo-charge scenarios in digital media applications," said Mike Ybarra, general manager for Windows Product Management at Microsoft Corp. "We've already seen some applications come to market that take advantage of the GPU, Windows 7 and DirectCompute will make it even easier for developers to write applications and deliver these benefits to millions of additional customers."

DirectCompute will be distributed as part of the DirectX 11 API and is supported by NVIDIA's current lineup of DirectX 10 GPUs.

Learn More:
Visit the DirectCompute web page to learn more about DirectCompute and NVIDIA GPUs
Download the v190.62 WHQL driver release

Advanced HPC and FalconStor attend UCSD Campus LISA 2009
July 8, 2009 - San Diego, California

Advanced HPC’s Vice President. of Sales, Joe Lipman, and Sales Representative, Ryan Emmerich, team up with David Jensen of FalconStor and Justin Couvillion of QLogic to attend UCSD’s Campus LISA for System Administrators.  Campus LISA provides training, updates and information to help system administrators get their jobs done more efficiently and more adeptly.  "LISA", originally an acronym for "Large Installation Systems Administration", is an annual conference sponsored by the Usenix Association and SAGE, The System Administrators Guild.  Advanced HPC, specializing in high performance computing and data storage products, was thrilled to be part of Campus LISA which gave Advanced HPC the perfect opportunity to introduce their advanced services and products to the UCSD community.  Advanced HPC’s partner, FalconStor, showcased their award winning software solutions for deduplication, virtualization and disaster recovery.  Qlogic partnered with Advanced HPC to showcase their switch technology and to introduce their new 864-port Infiniband switch.  “It was a great opportunity to meet the professionals on the front line of administering UCSD’s computing and data storage infrastructure,” states Ryan Emmerich, Advanced HPC Sales Representative. “UCSD is no doubt one of the top research schools in the U.S. and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with UCSD’s user community.  We are in a great position to give UCSD the personal attention they deserve by having support engineers and sales professions available 10 minutes away from campus.”

Intel® shipping Nehalem processor
March 30, 2009

One of great features is the memory controller integration into the silicon die that is believed to be able to boost the whole system performance significantly. An onboard memory controller will improve the memory access latency as compared to traditional memory access through dedicated bus interface. If you are aware, current AMD core architecture such as K8 already has memory controller being integrated on the silicon level.

Besides this, Nehalem is supported by a high speed internal bus known as Quick Path Interconnect. It will replace current FSB (Front Side Bus) in most of the current design. Again, the concept is quite similar to existing HyperTransport technology available in current AMD silicon. Of course they are differences in terms of technology and protocol involved to make them more powerful since Intel is always in leading position with clear roadmap and advanced process technology. On top of these, some of the new features which will be implemented in this silicon are multiple cores with new HT (Hyper-threading) technology, 8MB sharable L3 cache size as well as DDR3 memory support.

Intel® microarchitecture codename Nehalem, offers the latest in processor innovation, including:

Dynamic scalability, managed cores, threads, cache, interfaces, and power for energy-efficient performance on-demand.

  • Design and performance scalability for servers, workstations, notebooks, and desktops with support for 2-8+ cores and up to 16+ threads with Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology (Intel® HT Technology), and scalable cache sizes, system interconnects, and integrated memory controllers.
  • Intelligent performance on-demand with Intel® Turbo Boost Technology taking advantage of the processor's power and thermal headroom. This enables increased performance of both multi-threaded and single-threaded workloads.
  • Increased performance on highly-threaded applications with Intel HT Technology, bringing high-performance applications into mainstream computing with 1-16+ threads optimized for new generation multi-core processor architecture.
  • Scalable shared memory features memory distributed to each processor with integrated memory controllers and Intel QuickPath Technology high-speed point-to-point interconnects to unleash the performance of future versions of next-generation Intel® multi-core processors.
  • Multi-level shared cache improves performance and efficiency by reducing latency to frequently used data.

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