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Hyperstore Operating Environment
The Hyperstore Object Storage System
HyperStore Storage System is a peer-to-peer software defined storage platform, providing an enterprise grade S3-compliant object storage system on low cost commodity servers. Its multi-tenanted and multi-interface design can support many applications on the same platform.
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HyperStore Features
Zero Data Migration
Hybrid Storage Cloud
Extreme Durability
Multi Tenant

Natively S3

Hybrid Storage Cloud

Extreme Durability

Multi Tenant

Fully S3 compliant API deliver broadest range of S3 feature coverage and 100% fidelity with AWS S3 API.
Build highly cost effective data storage by securely moving data between public & private clouds.
Designed to tolerate disk, node, rack, data center and network failures.
Store, Isolate, Monitor Data at Tenant level and define data access boundaries with advance QoS
Geo Distribution
Scale Out

Geo Distribution

Intelligence in Software

Scale Out

Smart Support

Automatically distribute data in one or multiple data center across the globe with single global namespace.
Deploy software defined storage that has no single line of hardware dependent code.
Scales on demand. As the system scales it rebalances I/O across the storage cluster.
Heuristic data is collected and analyzed to assess and improve the operations of the system.
Data Protection
Quality of Service

Billing & Reporting


Data Protection


Quality of Service



Configure chargeback, rate plans and report storage utillization based on users, department and applications.
Choose from various data protection options via storage policies based on Cost Efficiency and Security levels.
Set usage limits on User, Group and System level and protect against and rogue clients and over usage.
Use our administrative APIs to automate and monitor your day to day operations.

100% S3 Compatibility

S3 Compliance provides out-of-the-box support for 100s of S3 applications.
Many other basic object storage systems try to emulate S3 or provide S3
gateways to their storage – Cloudian HyperStore S3 is a native protocol to
the platform.

Simplicity @ Scale
Take the complexity out of storage and manage with ease.
Simplicity at Scale
Flexible Data Protection & Distribution

Our Flexible Policies allow you to choose the right level of data protection for your application. Built-in replication, erasure coding, compression, encryption and hybrid tiering provide you data assurance at optimal cost.

Data Protection
Always On

Open Architecture

Built on Best of Breed Open Technologies
HyperStore is a software-defined object store. Traditional storage, manages data either as a file hierarchy or a set of data blocks. Object Storage systems manage data as objects in a flat organization of containers (buckets) anduse globally unique identifiers (keys) to retrieve that data. This flat organization allows it to scale linearly and maintain extremely high availability and data durability.
Puppet Labs
Apache Tomcat
How HyperStore Works
Using Cassandra as a highly distributed data engine for its Indexes (metadata),lets customers control the data layout and consistency levels for data across single datacenters or across datacenters. For data resilience, HyperStore supports both Replication and Erasure Coding in the same platform allowing customers to protect their data at optimal cost.

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Last updated 4/11/2016