In Recognition of Labor Day, Here are Five AI Companies Improving the Workplace

In Recognition of Labor Day, Here are Five AI Companies Improving the Workplace

With Labor Day upon us, we thought it was fitting to take a look at companies who are inventively using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning to positively impact the workplace. As more firms like these emerge, they stand not to only change the way we work, but actually how we will work in order to squeeze the most value and productivity out of our workday.

The following are five (5) workplace AI-enabling companies that have caught our attention.

Agara Labs. Bangalore, India

Agara Labs provides an end-to-end system of engagement for large enterprises that deploys quickly and seamlessly over existing storage systems.
It reads text, audio and images derived from customer emails, chats, phone calls and social media. After the data is processed in the company’s deep learning engine, it generates highly accurate predictions in real-time. Customer service agents are then able to use these predictions in the moment to significantly expedite issue resolution and deliver a much-improved customer experience. New York, New York CEO Dennis Mortensen said he “came up with the idea for after I went through the enormous pain of manually scheduling 1019 meetings, of which 670 had updates or were rescheduled at least once.” Anyone who has endured the back-and-forth time-devouring process of daily meeting scheduling (and rescheduling) can appreciate the pain that Mr. Mortensen references. Once a user connects their calendars and posts their preferences, the company’s AI assistants take over. Affably named Amy and Andrew, the AI scheduling assistants schedule meetings with clients, contacts, leads and candidates – and they do it non-stop, 24/7.

Textio Seattle, Washington

Textio is described by the company as an “augmented writing platform that tells you who will respond to your writing based on the language you have included in it and gives you guidance to improve it.” Textio’s first product, Textio Hire, improves responses from both passive and active candidates by leveraging real-world hiring outcomes from millions of job posts and recruiting mails. According to the company’s website, multinational consumer healthcare company, Johnson & Johnson, witnessed a 26% increase in response rates to candidate email as well as a 22% jump in applicants from underrepresented groups. Textio was named one of the World’s Most Innovative Companies in Data Science by Fast Company, a Forbes Cloud 100 Rising Star as well as a winner of HRO Forum’s iTalent competition.

Stella New York, New York

With Stella, companies invite their respective employment candidates into a shared talent network. Using artificial intelligence built by developers at NASA, DARPA, and Stanford University, Stella pinpoints top candidates in its network for all of a company’s openings, and does so automatically through a powerful AI-driven sourcing funnel. If a particular candidate does not land the job for which they applied, Stella searches to identify a better fit, rerouting them to other recruiters. The result is that companies in the Stella network benefit from immediate access to a new pool of high-quality, diverse candidates who might never have applied to their business. Toronto, Canada uses AI with the expressed goal of enriching employees’ work experience while increasing workplace productivity. The company states that its mission is to provide all of the employees in a company with their own automated assistant to free up each of them enough to “focus on their higher-value job duties.” operates like a virtual helper, building a dialogue with each employee in their preferred chat application and, in the process, systematically off-loading repetitive, low-value, day-to-day tasks such as document generation, corporate information discovery, and calendaring. Additionally, its productivity solution can handle everything from meeting scheduling and meeting preparedness to key professional introductions and travel arrangements.

If you are a startup or an established company that is using AI, machine learning or deep learning to create constructive, productive changes in the workplace, we would love to feature your company in a future blog post. Click here to share your story. We’re all ears!