Latest BeeGFS Newsletter (nearing Version 7.1!)

Latest BeeGFS Newsletter (nearing Version 7.1!)

BeeGFS Version 7.1 Coming Soon!

We are buzzing with excitement as Version 7.1 will be released soon. Keep an eye out for updates from the BeeGFS team.

Meet the team: Dr. Peter Rösch  Dr. Rösch

In his new role as Chief Architect and Head of Development at ThinkParQ, Peter is responsible for the software architecture and strategic development of our parallel cluster file system BeeGFS, along with managing the development and customer support teams. Following his PhD in computer science in 1995, he has held several leading positions in the IT industry, working for Fraunhofer, Blue Order Technologies AG and Avid Technology GmbH. A healthy balance to his job he finds on the road, in the water or on his bike – as a triathlete. Besides his sportive hobby, he enjoys quality time with his family and he also loves travelling the world. Next stop: Dallas for SC18!

Buzzing help for huge data

Published paper using BeeGFS: Transferring huge amounts of experimental data steals a lot of scientists precious time and disturbs their work on creating the future. Researchers of the Clemson University, SC, discovered how to facilitate large data transfers by optimizing the interface between parallel file systems and research networks. Using BeeGFS for their tests, the researchers concluded that BeeGFS has the best performance in a benchmark.  Read More



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