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NVIDIA® Tesla® V100

NVIDIA® Tesla® V100

NVIDIA Tesla V100 is the world’s most advanced data center GPU ever built to accelerate AI, HPC, and Graphics. Powered by the latest GPU architecture, NVIDIA Volta™, Tesla V100 offers the performance of 100 CPUs in a single GPU—enabling data scientists, researchers, and engineers to tackle challenges that were once impossible.

With 640 Tensor Cores, Tesla V100 is the world’s first GPU to break the 100 teraFLOPS (TFLOPS) barrier of deep learning performance. It offers a platform for HPC systems to excel at both computational science for scientific simulation and data science for finding insights in data. By pairing NVIDIA CUDA® cores and Tensor Cores within a unified architecture, a single server with Tesla V100 GPUs can replace hundreds of commodity CPU-only servers for both traditional HPC and AI workloads. With AI at its core, the Tesla V100 delivers 47X higher inference performance than a traditional CPU server.

Tesla V100 Data Center GPUs
NVIDIA Tesla V100 for NVIDIA NVLink™








Ultimate performance for deep learning.
  • A single NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPU supports up to six NVLink connections and total bandwidth of 300 GB/sec.
Tesla V100 for PCIe
Highest versatility for all workloads, from deep learning to HPC.
  • 32GB memory configuration enables memory-intensive HPC applications.