NVIDIA MCX556A-ECAT ConnectX®-5 VPI Adapter Card EDR IB and 100GbE Dual-Port QSFP28 PCIe3.0 x16 Tall Bracket ROHS R6


Key Features:

  • Up to 100 Gb/s connectivity per port
  • Industry-leading throughput, low latency, low CPU utilization and high message rate 
  • Maximizes data center ROI with Multi-Host technology
  • Innovative rack design for storage and Machine Learning based on Host Chaining technology

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NVIDIA MCX556A-ECAT ConnectX-5 VPI Adapter Card EDR InfiniBand and 100GbE Dual-Port QSFP28 PCIe 3.0 x16 Tall Bracket ROHS R6

Product Details

 Adapter Family ConnectX®-5 VPI
Max Ports Dual
Connector Type
Max Speed EDR and 100GbE
Technology InfiniBand