Western Digital 0TS1637 Ultrastar DC SN630 SFF-7 7.0MM 800GB PCIe TLC RI BICS3 ISE Solid State Drive

SKU: 0TS1637

Key Features:

  • PCIe Gen 3.1, x4 interface and NVMe™ 1.3 compliant with in-box driver support
  • Industry-standard 2.5-inch U.2 small form factor for high serviceability in a slim 7mm package
  • Optimized for read-intensive & mixed-use workloads
  • 65% less power consumption compared to 25W PCIe SSD solutions
  • Hot Swap/Hot Plug support with data-loss protection
  • NVMe MI 1.0 Management Interface Support
  • MTBF rating of 2 million hours

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Utilizing the industry standard NVMe command protocol that lowers latency and improves bandwidth, Ultrastar DC SN630 SSDs enable a cost-effective transition to next generation storage platforms. Available in the 2.5-inch U.2 small form factor with a slim 7mm profile, typical power consumption under 10.75W, and hot-swap capability, Ultrastar DC SN630 NVMe SSDs simplify large-scale deployment in the data center. This results in efficient workload utilization, a lower thermal profile compared to 25W PCIe SSDs, and improved TCO.

Product Details

Western Digital
Manufacturer Part # 0TS1637
Model WUS3CA180C7P3E3
Interface PCIe Gen 3.1 x4 (Compliant to NVMe™ 1.3)
Capacity 800 GB
Endurance 0.8DW/D
Form Factor U.2 2.5 Inch
Flash Memory Technology WDC BiCS3 3D TLC NAND
Warranty Five-Year Warranty
Condition New