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Data Management

Metadata management tools give users the ability to automate workflows and take ultimate control of their data—an easy way to globally search for, access and manage data across any storage type, including cloud. Users see a file system hierarchy based upon their use case, permissions and workflows, regardless of which storage silo the data lives in.

With data management solutions from Advanced HPC, customers can integrate the functions of storage resource management, storage service management and data management in a unified platform—a streamlined approach to data access across the entire enterprise. We provide the ability to:

  • Eliminate silos and vendor lock-in
  • Move data between tiers efficiently
  • Combine artificial intelligence together with metadata-based workflow engines to enable end-to-end management of both data and storage resources.
  • Create a single global namespace across any storage device.
  • Reduce backups and increase availability by automating data migration between onsite and offsite storage, cloud and archive.”

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StrongLink® is a software-defined data and storage management solution that addresses long-standing obstacles to storage cost-containment, risk reduction, and productivity optimization.

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