StrongLink® is a software-defined data and storage management solution that addresses long-standing obstacles to storage cost-containment, risk reduction, and productivity optimization.

It is a new and unique approach to managing your entire data environment that automates data classification and life-cycle management for any data, on any storage, anywhere.

StrongLink dramatically simplifies your business workflows with unique and powerful capabilities.


It performs intelligent metadata discovery, harvesting and indexing for data classification and powerful search capabilities across any file, object, metadata or infrastructure.


It enables a global namespace connecting on-site and off-site heterogeneous storage and applications, enabling seamless data migration and file movement between primary storage, cloud and archive.


Through automated policies and AI technologies, it simplifies workflows and operations: backup, data protection, easy-to-scale architecture, and other storage resources and services management.

StrongLink is ideal for:

  • research labs generating voluminous data, but with an inadequate number of researchers on hand to manage it
  • customers needing to track metadata and assign value to the data to optimize organization of data files

Advanced HPC is adept at incorporating StrongLink into the total solution it architects for customers.

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