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StrongBox Data Solutions (SBDS) is a global leader in big data storage, providing powerful solutions to many of the world’s largest corporations, governments and organizations. SBDS is a pioneer in simplifying data management and reducing storage costs with revolutionary technology. By leveraging the power of machine learning, SBDS offers a suite of solutions to dramatically shrink storage costs, increase productivity, and reduce IT management complexity.

SBDS is trusted by leading enterprises across the globe to simplify both data and storage management as well as to enable customers to gain the maximum value from their data. Customers include:

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StrongLink®: The Future of Data Management

StrongLink is a software-defined data and storage management solution that addresses long-standing obstacles to storage cost-containment, risk reduction, and productivity optimization.

StrongLink is ideally equipped for:

  • Collaboration and Search: StrongLink provides a robust search for all your data, whether on local storage or network storage connected by NFS, SMB, FTP or network file system protocols such as W3C standard and S3 protocols. For more information on StrongLink’s collaboration and search capabilities, please click here: StrongLink Data Collaboration and Search Data Sheet
  • Data Mobility and Tiering: StrongLink provides intelligent and automated migration of data between different storage types or tiers based on data re-reference. This frees up expensive low capacity/ high performance storage for active data while placing archival data on higher capacity, less expensive infrastructure. For more information on StrongLink’s data mobility and tiering capabilities, please click here: StrongLink Data Mobility and Tiering Data Sheet
  • Virtual File System: StrongLink is a universal translator that eliminates the need to upgrade your entire data storage infrastructure every time the industry introduces a new technology, saving you time and money. For more information on StrongLink’s data translation and virtual file system capabilities, please click here: StrongLink Data Translation and Virtual File System Data Sheet
  • Data Protection and Preservation: StrongLink optimizes data accessibility, infrastructure costs, security and encryption, backups and archiving through cognitive data management. For more information on StrongLink’s data protection and preservation capabilities, please click here: StrongLink Data Protection and Preservation Data Sheet
  • Data Curation and Stewardship: StrongLink preserves and shares your data, whether it is for business purposes or to comply with legal or regulatory mandates. Cognitive computing processes can be used to apply granular data archive and management policies to files and objects in order to optimize the processes and resources required for good data stewardship. For more information on StrongLink’s data curation and stewardship capabilities, please click here: StrongLink Data Curation and Stewardship Data Sheet
  • Optimizing Isilon Utilization (and Gaining the Flexibility to Augment Isilon with Other Storage Options): StrongLink automatically tiers data from the Isilon to other storage types or the cloud or both without ever interrupting user access. With StrongLink, data is automatically classified by aggregating multiple metadata types within the system from across any file system or storage type, including cloud. This capability enables you to seamlessly extend your Isilon to any third-party storage or the cloud and to tier or archive data from the Isilon without altering user access. For more information on how StrongLink optimizes Isilon utilization, while making it easy to augment Isilon with other – at times – more cost-efficient storage options, please click here: Get the Most Out of Your Isilon with StrongLink Solution Brief

Plus, StrongLink enables you to eliminate storage silos to simplify workflows and take the pain out of data migration. StrongLink automatically classifies files by aggregating all of its metadata, and uses that metadata to drive automated policy for data life cycle management and storage migrations. And because StrongLink is vendor neutral, and is not limited to particular file system or storage type, IT managers can globally manage their entire data environment, across any storage, to make the best choices for each use case and data requirements in the organization.

For more information on how StrongLink automates data migration without interrupting user access – and increase user productivity and minimize downtime in the process – please click on the following:

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To provide more color on StrongLink and delve deeper into exactly what facets make it a market leader – and a superb data management partner for Advanced HPC – please click on the whitepaper, What Is StrongLink And What Makes It So Revolutionary?

Finally, for a closer look at how StrongLink spurs meaningful and measurable ROI improvement in storage and data management by bringing about wholesale simplification in storage infrastructure, please click on the recent StrongLink whitepaper, Complexity Is the Enemy of Storage ROI.

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