NVMe Platform Servers

All Flash NVMe Server Solutions

The all-NVMe flash storage server is optimized to efficiently serve high-capacity Petabyte scale workloads with the low latency performance only available with flash media. Starting from the motherboard's  well balanced NUMA architecture and its thermally efficient short chassis depth, this feature rich server takes every advantage offered by ESDFF media, providing the best performance per watt capabilities for an all flash platform.

AI / Machine Learning environments are driving the performance requirements to the extreme in both storage capacity and low latency access.  The ESDFF-short server features support for the latest 2nd generation Intel Xeon scalable processors with 32 ESDFF-short SSDs, two PCI-E 3 x16 slots to support the latest high speed networking and QAT compression/encryption, all in a 1U system.

The ESDFF-Short Server is optimized for enterpise-class total solutions such as IOPS-intensive applications, database applications, high-density storage, media/video streaming, content-delivery network (CDN) and hyperconverged infrastructure that require high performance and density.