Qumulo enables enterprises to manage and store billions of digital assets with real-time visibility and control built directly into the file system. Going past the design limitations of legacy NAS, Qumulo Core is modern scale-out storage for the new era of multi-petabyte data footprints on premises and in the cloud. It is used by the leaders of data-intensive industries. Founded in 2012 by the inventors of scale-out NAS, Qumulo has attracted a world-class team of innovators, investors and partners.

Qumulo File Fabric (QF2) is a modern, highly scalable file storage system that spans the data center and the public cloud. It scales to billions of files and is one third the cost of legacy storage appliances. It is also the highest performance file storage system on premises and in the cloud. Real-time analytics let administrators easily manage data no matter how large the footprint or where it is located globally. QF2’s continuous replication enables data to move where it is needed when it is needed, for example, between on-premises clusters and clusters running in the cloud.

In QF2, cloud instances or computing nodes with standard hardware work together to form a cluster that has scalable performance and a single, unified file system. QF2 clusters work together to form a globally distributed but highly connected storage fabric tied together with continuous replication.

Customers interact with QF2 clusters with industry-standard file protocols, the QF2 REST API and a web-based graphical user interface (GUI).

Scales to billions of files

With QF2, you can use any mix of large and small files and store as many files as you need. There is no practical limit with Qumulo’s advanced file-system technology. Many Qumulo customers have data footprints in excess of a billion files. QF2 is vastly more efficient at representing and protecting small files than legacy scale-out NAS, typically requiring one third the storage capacity and half the protection overhead.

QF2 uses block-level protection and other advanced technologies. Because it operates at the block rather than the file level, it doesn’t have to protect each file individually, which also contributes to its scalability.

Qumulo is ideal for:

  • customers in the media and entertainment industry
  • customers seeking any of the following or a combination of:
    • exceptional reporting tools
    • high performance
    • ease of use
    • a complete solution

Leveraging its ability to design, deploy and support complete turnkey solutions featuring the latest software and hardware offerings in the market. Advanced HPC has considerable proven experience designing and deploying scale-out network attached storage (NAS) solutions and, more generally, highly scalable file storage systems like that offered by Qumulo. We can be trusted to engineer the highest quality, fully customized turnkey solutions that exacting customers demand.