Products and solutions for industry-specific applications

Advanced HPC Industries

Driving innovation in today’s data-intensive industries. Advanced HPC specializes in high-performance computing and data storage solutions for five industries—enterprise, life sciences, higher education, government, and defense. Each of these faces its own obstacles. It’s our job to understand your specific requirements and tap into our creativity and expertise to figure out the right solution to meet them. You get the benefit of our engineers’ best thinking and our partners’ best technology—the power to achieve more.


To capitalize on big data and turn it into a competitive advantage, companies are investing in artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and complex machine learning. And Advanced HPC can supply the computing power and storage needed for these applications. Count on our experienced engineers to deliver innovative HPC solutions capable of analyzing vast amounts of customer data and mining log data to improve network security, simulate product development, improve production times and reduce costs—not to mention, offer scalability for future growth.

Life Sciences

Forge new research frontiers with innovative technology and technical foresight. Life sciences is an ideal market to take full advantage of all the things that HPC technology can do.Universities and biotechnology companies alike are embracing predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to make major gains in fighting cancer, personalizing medicine and regenerating organs.Whether you’re a university or biotech company lab, access to our West Coast-based experts offer many advantages, including extensive consultation and support.

Department of Defense

Manage mission-critical details with faster response times. Developing military technology solutions presents its own set of challenges. As you know, the Department of Defense (DoD) comes under intense scrutiny. There are strict regulations and guidelines to follow with data protection always being a key concern. Advanced HPC understands the intricacies involved—and helps you navigate them. With a detailed, state-of- the-art approach, our sales engineers work with you to develop creative, customized solutions with fast turnaround, ensuring you meet all government regulations and TAA compliance rules.

Higher Education

It’s a fact of life that colleges and universities want the best and most advanced technology to run their high performance computing applications, but most are under tight budget constraints. Another challenge is the higher education purchasing process, which tends to be long and complicated. Advanced HPC’s innovative approach helps you navigate the institutional obstacles of higher education finances. And since we’re more nimble than most technology partners, we can collaborate directly with professors and systems administrators. The result is customized solutions that meet your technology needs—and fit well within your budget.

Federal Government

Negotiate the complexities of compliance, procurement and government protocols. Through the years, we’ve worked with a broad spectrum of federal agencies, so we know firsthand how lengthy and involved the procurement process can be. We also know how important it is to stay accessible to our government customers and help them navigate through the red tape of complex contracts.