Life Sciences

Forge new research frontiers with innovative technology and technical foresight.

Life sciences is an ideal market to take full advantage of all the things that HPC technology can do. Universities and biotechnology companies alike are embracing predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence to make major gains in fighting cancer, personalizing medicine and regenerating organs. The technology is paying huge dividends. For example, research institutions that are using Illumina’s® DNA sequence and array-based technologies for genotyping and epigenetic applications are leveraging our compute and parallel solutions to get better and faster results.

Whether you’re a university or biotech company lab, access to our West Coast-based experts offer many advantages, including extensive consultation and support. As HPC software specialists, our engineers can customize complex solutions for you more quickly and efficiently than our competitors.

When you partner with us, you can expect:

  • Quick delivery
  • Industry expertise
  • Responsive, hands-on support
  • Proven solutions aligned with Illumina’s DNA sequencing and array-based technologies
  • Close proximity to the heart of the West Coast biotech hub

Take a closer look at Advanced HPC’s life sciences offerings.

Case Studies

A U.S. Research University Engages Advanced HPC to Store the World’s Largest Cancer Genome Database

The trailblazing cancer research team benefits from a scalable, high performance storage solution for life sciences data. Research-intensive institutions often create several terabytes of data each month.