GPU Computing

GPU Computing

With thousands of massive cores, the power of graphic processing units is used to accelerate a broad range of mission-critical applications—from artificial intelligence (AI) to machine learning. GPU-accelerated computing offloads compute-intensive portions of the application to the GPU, with the remainder of the code still running on the CPU. This means applications simply run faster—and your users will see the difference.

Advanced HPC can help you harness GPU computing’s vast potential. Working with the world-renowned and highly respected GPU applications expert, as a Preferred Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network, we can design GPU solutions to fit all your needs—even your most unique and demanding requirements. Tell us what you’re trying to accomplish and we’ll custom configure the right GPU solution for you.

When you partner with us, you can expect:

  • Professionally installed and certified application burn-in and validation services
  • Custom designed GPU systems to fit every HPC application requirement
  • Access to technology that is spurring innovation in AI, machine learning and deep learning
  • The ability to work with a team with a member of the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) as an Accelerated Computing Preferred Partner


Featured Solutions


Advanced HPC is now proud to offer AMBER, a comprehensive suite of programs for molecular dynamics simulations of biomolecules.


AMD EPYC™ 7000 series high-performance processors power the data center with 32 cores, 64 threads, 8 memory channels with up to 2 TB of memory per socket, and 128 PCIe-3 lanes coupled with the industry’s first hardware-embedded x86 server security solution.


NVIDIA® Tesla® is the world’s most advanced data center GPU, accelerating over 400 HPC applications and counting, from Bioinformatics and Genomics to the Internet of Things, Driverless AI and Fintech.