Federal Government

With the passing of the Modernizing Government Technology Act of 2017 (MGT), authorities recognized the critical need for Federal agencies to update their systems and align with the latest gains in technology. Agencies now have at their disposal two options to fund IT and HPC infrastructure initiatives:

  • The Technology Modernization Fund (TMF). Supervised by a diverse board of experts in technology, transformation, and operations, The Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) evaluates proposals to fund individual projects. As noted on its website, “TMF is an innovative funding vehicle that gives agencies additional ways to deliver services to the American public more quickly, better secure sensitive systems and data, and use taxpayer dollars more efficiently.”
  • Each agency can also establish Working Capital Funds (WCF) providing more flexibility for appropriating spending across multiple fiscal years and programs.

The MGT Act is a recognition of the fact that many mission-critical federal systems are over 50 years old. The challenge comes not only with the cost to maintain these systems, but finding the time and resources demanded to fend off cybersecurity threats that unfortunately often accompanies them.

The Federal Government is likewise seeking to develop and deploy a comprehensive first ever government-wide data strategy. According to the program’s website, the Federal Data Strategy “. . . will define​ ​Principles, Practices, and a Year One Action Plan to deliver​ ​a ​more consistent​ ​approach to federal data stewardship, use ​and access.” What’s more, the White House is now aiming to launch a public/private Government Effectiveness Advanced Research (GEAR) Center to focus on boosting the government’s mission delivery and citizen services to modernize and streamline outdated government services.

The call for sweeping technology modernization is abundantly clear. In the 2018 Federal Budget request, the White House and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) significantly broadened the definition of modernization to mean “. . . not simply replacing individual outdated IT systems with newer ones,” but moreover taking a “. . . holistic approach to Federal IT that fundamentally transforms how agencies accomplish their missions. This approach entails reengineering underlying business processes and leveraging modern IT solutions.”

At Advanced HPC, we understand that achieving this caliber of modernization is not just about fixing or replacing, but moreover positioning Federal and Federal Civilian agencies to take full advantage of rapidly evolving technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT). With respect to artificial intelligence, we can help you build upon AI advances that have already been developed in private enterprise and world-class institutions of higher learning. We can also assist you in identifying the specific type of artificial intelligence, machine learning or deep learning application that best aligns with your particular needs and budget.

As we progress through the so-called “third wave of AI” that harnesses context normalization – or as it sometimes called contextual adaptation – Federal agencies will have enormous opportunities. While its value is already evident in areas like cybersecurity, robotics, border security, healthcare, and behavior/pattern analysis, AI will have a lasting impact on citizen services and digital public services as well. For example, in the field of robotics and cognitive automation, bots could accurately complete lengthy forms, extract structured data from documents, “scrape” valuable data from the Internet, open emails and attachments and make otherwise difficult calculations on the fly. In so doing, backlogs and paperwork will be greatly diminished, while resource constraints stand to be significantly mitigated.

Beyond relieving government employees of tedious, repetitive, tasks, AI can aid Federal agencies with anomaly detection whereby patterns and data shifts are analyzed to detect everything from consumer or equity market movements to elevated terrorist threat levels. AI can also can remedy customer engagement issues like long-wait times, language barriers and an inability to field 24×7 support.

Advanced HPC is aware that traversing the bridge to modernization can be daunting. That’s why we have taken specific steps to minimize that burden by:

  • Providing – at your request – ready-to-go project bids complete with a well-tailored scope of work, accurate timeline, definitive deliverables, and highly competitive pricing.
  • Presenting roadmaps to upgrade legacy systems when appropriate and cost-effectively activating important dormant programs that may have been previously underfunded
  • Making business continuity a priority by ensuring redundant and resilient systems as well as end-to-end data integrity.
  • Facilitating the used of shared services.
  • Bundling warranties to augment coverage and extend protection. (Contact us for details.)
  • Delivering enterprise-grade, best-in-class solutions that have been tested and proven in the commercial market, including:

Given Advanced HPC’s extensive history of working with the Federal Government, we also understand the importance of providing cost-efficient HPC and AI-enabled solutions that ensure speed, agility, and scalability – all with the highest degree of security possible. We firmly believe that our solutions should be flexible and open, so that you can build your systems incrementally as budget, resources and time allows.

Further, when you work with Advanced HPC, you can rely upon our:

  • Ability to fully grasp and meet predefined bid requirements.
  • Careful logistics support to assure on-time delivery without fail.
  • Extensive contract vehicle experience and a thorough understanding of Federal Government compliance requirements. (Existing government contracts in place.)

Plus, we are a woman- and minority-owned business that deeply values diversity in the workplace.

Whether you are in the midst of the Federal Government buying season and need quick answers or you are seeking the best path to efficiently and effective modernize your AI and HPC infrastructure, reach out to Advanced HPC. We are eager to answer the bell and be of long-standing value to you and your team.

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