IBM General Parallel File System (i.e., GPFS™) is a high performance shared-disk file management solution that provides fast, reliable access to data from multiple servers. Applications can readily access files using standard file system interfaces, and the same file can be accessed concurrently from multiple servers and protocols. GPFS is designed to provide high availability through advanced clustering technologies, dynamic file system management, and data replication. It can continue to provide data access even when the cluster experiences storage or server malfunctions. GPFS scalability and performance are designed for data intensive applications such as cloud storage engineering design, digital media, data mining, relational databases, financial analytics, seismic data processing, scientific research and scalable file serving.

GPFS is supported on AIX®, Linux and Windows Server operating systems. It is supported on IBM® POWER®, Intel or AMD Opteron based servers, and z Systems.

GPFS is a cluster file system that provides concurrent access to a single file system or set of file systems from multiple nodes. The nodes can be SAN attached, network attached, a mixture of SAN attached and network attached, or in a shared nothing cluster configuration. This enables high performance access to this common set of data to support a scale-out solution or provide a high availability platform.

GPFS is ideal for:

  • Universities
  • Enterprise/Fortune 1000
  • customers who value a well-established legacy brand
  • customers seeking any of the following or a combination of:
    • Performance
    • Stability
    • Global namespace access

Advanced HPC is well suited to provide GPFS solutions because we take a completely transparent “building block” approach that delivers a genuinely customized solution. Moreover, we can add professional services as needed and seamlessly migrate data from older parallel file systems.

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