Mobile Data Center

Advanced HPC can help you implement a mobile data center, which provides a portable high-performance network wherever and whenever you need it—including remote and mobile locations. A mobile data center is a vital safeguard for disaster recovery operations, military installations and media broadcasts.

Because of its rapid deployment and all-in- one design, a mobile data center can also be used to complement an existing data center—serving as an additional source of computing resources. Besides mobility and versatility, it offers other benefits as well, including energy efficiency and greater density per rack compared to a standard data center.

The Advanced HPC technical team will custom configure a mobile data center to meet your specific requirements—sourcing all the components (multiple server racks, storage, network/Internet support, power and cooling mechanisms) from our wide variety of vendor sources with whom we have longstanding partnerships.

And of course, our technical team is also on hand to address any other infrastructure challenges. No problem is too big for us to tackle.