Why Advanced HPC

Advanced HPC designs, builds and implements high performance computing and storage systems for companies and organizations that rely on data-intensive applications for mission-critical functions. For them, the ability to manage data—and capitalize on it—has become the very lifeblood of their existence and the key to gaining a competitive advantage. With the technology we provide, our customers are doing exciting and breakthrough work in fields ranging from cancer research to aerodynamics to robotics.

We know that when it comes to your High Performance Computing purchases, you have many options. Hundreds of companies can sell commodity hardware. Dozens can sell hardware/software solutions. Few can sell hardware, software, professional services and training to get you and your team up and running quickly and keep you running with quick response and minimal downtime.  

Why choose Advanced HPC?
  1. A consultative One stop shop - Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or an R&D division of a technology pioneer, we can handle everything from solution development and deployment to training and support. There’s no need for the inconvenience of working with multiple providers.
  2. Fast, customer-accommodating quotes and order processing - Our experienced, responsive and budget-cycle conscious sales team can turn quotes and orders around quickly using existing government and education contract vehicles.
  3. Industry-specific expertise with a proven track record – Advanced HPC has experience in Enterprise, Life Sciences, Higher Education, Department of Defense and Federal Government Projects. We understand your pain points and how to navigate your contracting and purchasing processes.
  4. An extensive line of products in high-performance servers, data storage, networking and infrastructure to deliver a complete turnkey solution. Our longtime manufacturer relationships ensure that you are getting the best product at a competitive price.
  5. Support second to none – White glove service upon delivery, responsive, hands on support and lifetime technical support that you just won’t find anywhere else.


Manufacturer Partnerships

Customer Testimonials:

Christopher M. Sullivan

Assistant Director for Biocomputing at Oregon State University and Director of the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing

“I value the relationship with Advanced HPC because they keep moving forward with new technology at prices that allow my research team to move without bounds. Additionally, the support we have received from Advanced HPC has helped us expand into cutting-edge research that we weren’t able to do before.”

Yasser Elgebaly



"Advanced HPC provided the technical R&D ability to help us save up to 70% and do a faster implementation, so we could offer our customers a turnkey two-week operation instead of one that takes two months. After that, it was pretty much a homerun for us. Partnering with Advanced HPC has been one of our very best investments."

Christopher Paolini

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
San Diego State University

The BeeGFS parallel cluster file system from ThinkParQ excels in performance for I/O intensive workloads by improving the runtime of I/O bound computation.”

“Advanced HPC built a BeeGFS system that was tailored to our needs and funding constraints. SDSU’s partnership with Advanced HPC has been fantastic and we are quite impressed with Advanced HPC’s ability to build, configure, and tune the BeeGFS file server in their lab, deliver it on time, and help us install it in our computational science data center.”