Intel® Xeon Phi™

Advanced HPC’s Intel® Xeon Phi™ Servers feature the integrated and power-efficient architecture of the Xeon Phi processor. This bootable host processor features up to 72 cores (with ultra-wide vector capabilities) that deliver up to 490 GB of sustained memory bandwidth—without the need for additional discrete memory cards.

Compared to other server platforms, the Xeon Phi processor architecture provides significantly more compute per unit of energy consumed. This means you’ll see substantial performance gains in applications such as animation and machine learning, which require high parallelism and vectorization.

Is the Intel Xeon Phi server platform the right choice for your organization? Our expert engineers can help you decide. With years of experience working with server technology, we know the right questions to ask—and we will custom configure the best possible solution for your requirements and budget. Partnering with Advanced HPC, you’ll have a scalable platform with which to grow.