The Lustre file system is the ideal distributed, parallel file system for technical computing. Next generation storage built using Lustre software provides software-defined storage optimized to address the key storage and data throughput challenges of technical computing.

The open-source advantage Lustre provides standard interfaces that promote easy integration and interoperability with existing infrastructures, and because Lustre is open-source, IT can grow datacenter storage systems over time and on budget, employing a variety of networking and hardware options without vendor lock-in.

The latest release of Lustre software offers a complete software-defined storage solution for businesses of all sizes to address storage and data throughput challenges for technical computing. Face the challenges of Exascale computing or high-performance data analytics with a scalable, secure, performance-optimized, open-source solution that can handle large volumes of data across clustered servers.

Lustre is ideal for customers seeking either of the following or a combination of:

  • a well-established, legacy brand
  • a parallel file system solution that easily scales as their company grows and their needs mature