Water Cooling

Advanced HPC’s liquid water cooling products ensure that your high-performance computing infrastructure keeps running at an optimum temperature.

We offer liquid cooling systems, the most innovative cooling technology for HPC installations. Today, as the number of servers continues to multiply and power usage grows exponentially, liquid cooling remains the most efficient cooling solution. It enables high-density server racks and increases data center power usage effectiveness (PUE)—a winning combination. Forced-air cooling has outlived its effectiveness, and the industry now gravitates toward warm-water cooling to tap next-generation server technologies while lowering power usage.

In fact, liquid cooling lowers TCO by 40 to 50 percent compared to forced-air cooling. It’s also been shown to yield a ten-fold improvement in server density without harmful tradeoffs. Other benefits include whisper-quiet operation and no stranded power. There’s no need to provision power for fan energy at maximum speed.

Advanced HPC specializes in liquid cooling systems for data centers, servers, workstations and high performance PCs. For HPC installations, our direct-to-chip technology applies liquid cooling technology directly on the chip itself. Since liquid is 4,000 times better at storing and transferring heat than air, our solutions provide immediate and measurable benefits to large and small data centers alike.

What’s more, our technical experts are on hand to help you identify and implement the most appropriate cooling systems for your needs as well as address any of your other infrastructure issues. Where you see problems, we see solutions.