Data Storage & Archive

Organizations today aren’t just looking for more storage at a lower cost. They want advanced capabilities like automated data workflow and tracking—the ability to manage data smarter. That’s why we custom configure parallel file systems that scale and grow exponentially to keep pace with customers’ ever-increasing demands. Tell us what you need and we’ll develop the right storage solution for you. Even if you’re not sure what you need, you can rely on our experienced technical team to dig deep and formulate an innovative plan that meets your needs
and budget.

Explore Advanced HPC’s data storage and archive products and contact us to discuss the best fit for your business. Or if you’d like to contact someone about a data storage solution tailored to your industry, complete the form on this page.

Storage Servers

Advanced HPC offers a wide range of storage servers that can be customized to meet your needs and budget. Optimized for any storage application with up to 90 high performance SAS/SATA drives, our systems support the latest Intel or AMD processors. They offer high-speed network capability and highly efficient and redundant power supplies.

Storage Expansion

Advanced HPC’s JBOD solutions range from smaller 12-drive JBODs to 102-drive 4U options from leading names like Western Digital, Quanta and Supermicro. Standard features include redundant and hot-swap power supplies, fans and SAS I/O modules—and most importantly, we custom configure the solution exactly to your requirements.

Block-Level Storage

Block-level storage from Advanced HPC provides flexibility and versatility for just about any kind of application or file system. In everything from cluster databases to VM servers, block level storage delivers better performance and speed than file-level storage. Each block volume can be treated as an independent disk drive and controlled by an external server OS.


Advanced HPC has a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class disk-based backup, tape automation and software solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments. Our leading-edge solutions are custom built to help you manage an ever-increasing flood of data—and address your most demanding workflow challenges.