NVIDIA Cumulus Linux

How Cumulus Linux Works

Explore the NVIDIA® Cumulus® Linux architecture, the industry’s most innovative open network operating system, which was developed under the guiding principles of easy implementation and management, customization, and scalability.

Why Choose Cumulus Linux?

Complete Standardization

Reduce complexities and benefit from complete interoperability across your entire data center with Linux.

Network Protection

Get additional levels of security, exclusive to Cumulus Linux, in addition to industry-standard security features.

Flexible Open Architecture

Create open and scalable networks enabled by standards-based protocols, combined with the freedom of Linux.

Reduced OpEx

Use the existing Linux-based management tools and talent, and benefit from the ability to assign more switches per engineer.

Built for Automation First

Get the most comprehensive end-to-end automation for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) workflows.

Faster IT Delivery

Easily leverage native integration and best-of-breed tools for automation, monitoring, analytics, and more.

What You Get with Cumulus Linux

Key Features

  • Unnumbered Interfaces: Automation gets even easier with this simplified Internet Protocol (IP) approach for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and Open Shortest Path First (OSPF). All you need is one IP template for leaf nodes and one for spine nodes.
  • Redistribute Neighbor (RDNBR): Get virtual machine (VM) and host mobility by plugging your server into any RDNBR switch and making it layer-3 discoverable on the fabric. If you need to move the server, there’s no need to reconfigure.
  • Prescriptive Topology Manager (PTM): Efficiently go from whiteboard to physical cable. With PTM, you can program your data center to verify connections and resolve issues faster.


  • Virtual Routing and Forwarding: Run multiple network paths without the need for multiple switches, giving you traffic isolation and network segmentation for multiple devices.
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Networks (EVPN): The most advanced capabilities available for EVPN allow legacy layer-2 applications to operate over next-generation layer-3 networks.
  • NVIDIA User Experience (NVUE): A full command-line interface (CLI) object model of Cumulus Linux enables advanced programmability, extensibility, and usability.
  • Digital twins: NVIDIA Air makes physical deployments seamless by validating and simplifying deployments and upgrades in a virtual network.

Standard Technology—with Improvements

  • Disaggregation: The open architecture using a Linux operating model unlocks the stack.

  • Native Security: From OpenSSH to authentication, Cumulus Linux keeps your switches secure.


  • Unified stack: With a unified operating model across compute and network, you'll reduce complexities and get guaranteed interoperability.
  • Software Driven: Our software writes directly to the silicon, giving you a software-driven and hardware-accelerated approach.