NVIDIA LinkX Ethernet Cables and Transceivers

The NVIDIA® LinkX® product family of cables and transceivers provides the industry’s most complete line of 10, 25, 40, 50, 100, 200, and 400GbE in Ethernet and EDR, HDR, and NDR in InfiniBand products for Cloud, HPC, Web 2.0, Enterprise, telco, storage and artificial intelligence, data center applications.

LinkX cables and transceivers are often used to link top-of-rack switches downwards to network adapters in NVIDIA GPUs and CPU servers, and storage
and/or upwards in switch-to-switch applications throughout the network infrastructure.

NVIDIA DAC & Splitter Cable Products

DAC & Splitter Cable Products

LinkX Direct Attach Copper cables are the lowest cost, 25G-to-400GbE high-speed links for inside racks up to 5-meters for 25G-NRZ and 3-meters for 50G PAM4-based cables. DACs offer zero latency delays and power consumption ideal for switch-to-CPU, GPU, and storage subsystems. LinkX designs and manufactures its cables and are extensively tested.

NVIDIA  Active Optical Cables (AOCs)

Active Optical Cables (AOCs)

LinkX AOCs are the lowest cost optical interconnect. Fibers are bonded inside connectors act similar to DACs but up to 100 meters. Available at 25G-to-400G data rates. NVIDIA Networking LinkX has the longest history in the marketplace building AOCs and are widely used in HPCs, hyperscale and enterprise networking and in DGX artificial intelligence systems. Designed and manufactured by LinkX – including several LinkX-designed Integrated circuits.

NVIDIA Optical Transceiverss

Optical Transceivers

LinkX transceivers are designed and manufactured by LinkX -including designing many of the transceiver IC components inside. Offering multi- and single-mode transceivers from 1G-to-400G up to 40km reaches in both NRZ and 50G-PAM4 modulation. The same transceivers are used in our AOCs and splitters.


The QSA is a QSFP-to-SFP port Adapter that enables a single-channel Ethernet SFP device to be inserted into a QSFP port. Available in 10G, 25G NRZ versions and 50G-PAM4 they support a wide array of devices 0.5m DACs to AOCs to 10km SFP56 LR transceivers. Very low-cost and consumes zero power and latency and supports 1GBASE-T up to 50G 10km transceivers. Also, available in Extended Temperature Ranges of -10C up to 85C for hot server applications.