NVIDIA Linux Switch

NVIDIA® Linux Switch enables any standard Linux distribution to be used as the operating system on the NVIDIA Spectrum switches.

Run Pristine Linux as a Network Operating System

Linux Switch enables operators to run pristine Linux on Spectrum Ethernet switches.

Why Choose Linux Switch?

Open-source Linux distributions

Pristine Linux

Upstreamed as part of all major Linux distributions

Open-source routing-stacks


Supports custom applications, including routing stacks

Open Source Linux Network Operating System

Royalty free

Open-source and free of cost software
Open Linux APIs

Open abstraction

Uses Linux APIs, removing the need for closed SDKs



Integrates Linux tools for automation



Lean software without legacy baggage

What You Get with Linux Switch

Key Features

  • Port Management
  • L2 Bridging
  • L3 Routing
  • ACLs
  • Virtualization
  • System Management
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Monitoring and Debugging
  • Time Synchronization