NVIDIA QM8700 InfiniBand Switch Series

Quantum HDR 200Gb/s InfiniBand Smart Edge Switches

Faster servers, high-performance storage, and increasingly complex computational applications are driving data bandwidth requirements to new heights. NVIDIA Mellanox QM8700 switches provide extremely high networking performance by delivering up to 16Tb/s of non-blocking bandwidth with extremely low latency. Static routing, adaptive routing, and advanced congestion management optimize computing efficiencies, making QM8700 ideal for top-of-rack leaf connectivity or for small to extremely large clusters.

High Bandwidth

High-performance computing (HPC) and AI environments need every last bit of the bandwidth delivered by NVIDIA Mellanox high data rate (HDR) 200Gb/s switch systems. NVIDIA QM8700 switches provide up to 40 ports of 200Gb/s full bi-directional bandwidth per port. And novel NVIDIA HDR100 technology supports up to 80 ports of 100Gb/s, enabling HDR switches to provide double-density radix for 100Gb/s data speeds, reducing the cost of network design and network topologies.

NVIDIA QM8700 InfiniBand Switch












*When used in conjunction with NVIDIA® Mellanox® ConnectX®-6 adapter cards, the QM8700 can achieve up to 1,600 ports of HDR100 100Gb/s

World-Class InfiniBand Performance

In-Network Computing

In-Network Computing

NVIDIA Mellanox Scalable Hierarchical Aggregation and Reduction Protocol (SHARP)™ In-Network Computing technology offloads collective communication operations from the CPU to the switch network, improving application performance by an order of magnitude.

Self-Healing Computing

Self-Healing Computing

NVIDIA Mellanox InfiniBand with self-healing networking capabilities overcomes link failures and achieves network recovery 5,000X faster than any software-based solution—enhancing system performance, scalability, and network utilization.

UFM Management

UFM Management

NVIDIA Mellanox Unified Fabric Management (UFM®) platforms combine enhanced, real-time network telemetry with AI-powered cyber intelligence and analytics to realize higher utilization of fabric resources and a competitive advantage, while reducing OPEX.

Key Features

  • 40 HDR 200Gb/s ports in a 1U switch
  • 80 HDR100 100Gb/s ports in a 1U switch
  • 16Tb/s aggregate switch throughput
  • Up to 15.8 billion messages per second
  • Enables offloading of collective operations from the CPU to the switch network
  • Quality-of-service enforcement


  • 1+1 power supply
  • Makes the fabric capable with self-healing autonomy
  • Adaptive routing
  • InfiniBand router
  • Collective offloads
  • Virtual lane (VL) mapping (VL2VL)


  • Industry-leading switch platform in performance, power, and density
  • Collective communication acceleration
  • Quick and easy setup and management
  • Maximizes performance by removing fabric congestions
  • Backwards compatible to previous speeds

QM8700 Series Comparison Table

QM8700 Series Comparison Table