Western Digital Data24 NVMe-oF Storage Platform

Designed for High Performance

Western Digital’s OpenFlex Data24 NVMe-oF Storage Platform extends the high performance of NVMe flash to shared storage. It provides low-latency sharing of NVMe SSDs over a high-performance Ethernet fabric to deliver similar performance to locally attached NVMe SSDs. Industry-leading connectivity, using Western Digital RapidFlex network adapters, allows up to six hosts to be attached without a switch.

The platform can also be specified with just two RapidFlex adapters for simpler environments and as a direct replacement for SAS external storage.

The OpenFlex Data24 NVMe-oF Storage Platform can also be used as a disaggregated storage resource in an open composable infrastructure environment. OpenFlex Data24 is built to deliver high availability and enterprise-class reliability. The entire enclosure, including SSDs, is backed with a 5-year limited warranty.


  • High density and capacity
  • Up to 368TB in 2U
  • Low latency
  • Dual Port SSDs
  • Bandwidth match between SSDs (Storage) and I/O (Network) – No oversubscription
  • RESTful API support for simplified management
  • Superior serviceability and high quality global support services
  • Industry leading limited warranty – 5 years

Applications and Workloads

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Database
  • SDS Environments
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Public or Private Cloud
  • Virtualization
  • Scale-Out/Up Configurations
  • AI and Machine Learning




Dimemsions (L x W x H)



28" x 17.64" x 3.45"