Gemini™ High Availability Storage Solution

SKU: AH-Gemini

Key Features:

  • 12Gb/s SAS-based 1U RAID head.
  • 1U 19-inch rackmount chassis.
  • HGST Ultrastar Data60® Hybrid Storage Platform.
  • Hot-swap and redundant components for increasing availability.
  • Support for multiple channel host options; up to 8GB cache per controller, optional FBM/BBM cache; and HDD firmware download.

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High availability storage solution featuring a 1U dual controller RAID head engineered to seamlessly connect multiple JBODs with up to 512 drives.

Gemini ensures compatibility with the industry's leading parallel file systems -- including BeeGFS, IBM GPFS and Lustre – as well as superior levels of RAID performance and scalability; enterprise-level data protection and high density storage in a compact and efficient form factor.

Providing up to 720TB of raw storage, the HGST Ultrastar Data60 Hybrid Storage Platform used in Gemini is ideally suited for the demanding storage needs of enterprise customers that need dense, shared HDD or hybrid storage.