OCP Global Summit 2022

OCP Global Summit 2022

October 13, 2022

The Open Compute Project (OCP) Summit is the largest gathering of technologists looking to apply the benefits of open source and open collaboration to hardware and software, and rapidly increase the pace of innovation in, near and around the data center and beyond. The in-person event is held twice each year - in the Spring the OCP Regional Summit is held in Europe, with a specific focus on the challenges and solutions unique to that region of the globe; while the OCP Global Summit is our largest, held in the Fall each year in San Jose, California.

2022 Summit Theme
Empowering Open is the theme for the 2022 Global Summit.   The world’s most innovative organizations - from hyperscalers to colo-facilities to enterprise to government - have realized the benefits of openly researching, developing, testing, deploying, and sharing technologies through collaboration.

The OCP Empowered Community is also solving problems in the areas of security, time domain, chiplets, connectivity, and more.

The OCP Foundation is pleased to announce that the Global Summit will officially be extended to three days. So mark your calendars for the 2022 in-person Summit, planned for October 18-20 in San Jose, California.