AMD-Based Servers

New Generation A+ Servers

Supermicro's latest range of H12 Generation A+ Systems and Building Block Solutions® optimized for the AMD EPYC™ 7002 series processors offer new levels of application-optimized performance per watt and per dollar, that deliver outstanding core density, superior memory bandwidth, and unparalleled I/O capacity.

H12 A+ Servers achieved world-record performance for both TPCx-IoT and TPC-DS benchmarks. For TPCx-IoT, the H12 TwinPro™ delivered 472200.88 IoTps where faster IoT gateway data analytics are critical for the coming explosion of IoT device numbers. For TPC-DS, a new world record was achieved with the H12 BigTwin™ that established the highest performance and lowest performance per dollar for a 10TB database with 64% higher QphDS throughput (Composite Query per Hour Metric) and $0.05 savings per QphDS over the previous world record holders.

Both Supermicro's H11 and H12 generations of servers and motherboards are compatible with 2nd generation AMD EPYC™ processors* and can support up to DDR4-3200MHz memory. This provides a fast upgrade track and investment protection on A+ H11 gen systems for new and existing deployments, when PCI-E® 4.0 support is not a necessity.

Key Benefits

  • Choose from the most comprehensive line of server systems in the industry
  • World record performance for both TPCx-IoT and TPC-DS benchmarks
  • Up to 64 core/128 threads per socket with AMD EPYC™ 7002 series processors
  • Up to 32 DIMMs of DDR4-3200MHz memory providing up to 8TB per system
  • Increased I/O throughput with PCI-E gen 4 and up to 128 lanes per socket
  • Hot-swap U.2 NVMe storage options for better application responsiveness
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty and 24-Hour Server Support (Ask about our warranty extensions up to 5 years)