NVIDIA ConnectX-6 Dx Network Adapters

The Most Secure and Advanced Cloud SmartNIC

NVIDIA® ConnectX®-6 Dx is a member of the world-class, award-winning ConnectX series of network adapters. ConnectX-6 Dx delivers two ports of 10/25/40/50/100Gb/s or a single-port of 200Gb/s Ethernet connectivity paired with best-in-class hardware capabilities that accelerate and secure cloud and data center workloads.

Dual-Port 100GbE/Single-Port 200GbE SmartNIC

ConnectX-6 Dx SmartNIC is the industry’s most secure and advanced cloud network interface card to accelerate mission-critical data-center applications, such as security, virtualization, SDN/NFV, big data, machine learning, and storage. The SmartNIC provides up to two ports of 100Gb/s or a single-port of 200Gb/s Ethernet connectivity and delivers the highest return on investment (ROI) of any smart network interface card. ConnectX-6 Dx is a member of NVIDIA's world-class, award-winning ConnectX series of network adapters powered by leading 50Gb/s (PAM4) and 25/10Gb/s (NRZ) SerDes technology and novel capabilities that accelerate cloud and data-center payloads.

NVIDIA Dual-Port 100GbE/Single-Port 200GbE SmartNIC





215 million msgs/sec


16 Gen3/Gen4



Accelerate mission-critical data center applications

RoCE Solutions

RoCE Solutions

ConnectX-6 Dx delivers several innovations including programmable congestion control and selective repeat and zero-touch RoCE, enabling scalable, robust and easy-to-deploy RoCE solutions.

Network Virtualization

Network Virtualization

The ConnectX-6 Dx groundbreaking ASAP² technology delivers innovative SR-IOV and VirtIO acceleration, offloading Open vSwitch data path forwarding from the host’s CPU to the adapter’s ASIC, and enabling extreme performance and scalability.

Data Center Security

Data Center Security

ConnectX-6 Dx brings security to every end-point with its purpose-built inline acceleration engines that offload IPsec and TLS data-in-motion and XTS-AES data-at-rest cryptographic operations.

Key Features

  • NVIDIA Multi-Host® and NVIDIA Socket Direct® configurations
  • Industry-leading throughput, low latency, low CPU utilization and high message rate
  • Smart for x86, Power, ARM, and GPU-based compute and storage platforms
  • Secure data-center connectivity
  • Flexible pipeline programmability


  • Message rate of up to 215MPPS
  • ASAP2 (Accelerated Switching and Packet Processing) for Virtual Switches/Routers
  • IPsec and TLS in-line crypto and block crypto acceleration
  • Hardware Root-of-Trust and secure firmware update
  • Advanced RoCE capabilities