The World’s First Turnkey AI Data Center

NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD™ is AI data center infrastructure that enables IT to deliver performance—without compromise—for every user and workload. As part of the NVIDIA DGX™ platform, DGX SuperPOD supports hybrid deployments and offers leadership-class accelerated infrastructure and scalable performance for the most challenging AI workloads, with industry-proven results.

Designed for the Scale of Enterprise AI

NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD delivers a turnkey AI data center solution for organizations, with world-class computing, software tools, expertise, and continuous innovation delivered seamlessly.

Offered with two choices of architectures and integrated with NVIDIA Base Command Platform for hybrid cloud deployments, DGX SuperPOD lets every enterprise infuse AI into their business and build game-changing applications instead of wrestling with platform complexity.

DGX SuperPOD With NVIDIA DGX A100 Systems

Ideal for scaled infrastructure supporting large enterprise teams with diverse AI workloads, such as conducting cutting-edge medical research, optimizing supply chains, or extracting intelligence from mountains of data.

DGX SuperPOD With NVIDIA DGX H100 Systems

Ideal for scaled infrastructure supporting the largest, most complex or transformer-based AI workloads, such as large language models with NeMo™ framework and deep learning recommender systems.

A Full Lifecycle Solution for Enterprises

Discover the Benefits

Your DGX SuperPOD, tested and proven.

DGX SuperPOD isn’t just AI infrastructure done the NVIDIA way—it’s a predictable solution that meets the performance and reliability needs of enterprises. NVIDIA does all the leg work, testing DGX SuperPOD extensively and pushing it to the limits with real-world enterprise AI workloads, so you don’t have to worry about application performance.

Unleash developer productivity with NVIDIA Base Command Platform.

NVIDIA Base Command Platform manages the end-to-end lifecycle of AI training, including workload management, resource sharing, and integrated monitoring and reporting dashboards.

Advanced infrastructure software that always improves.

DGX SuperPOD is powered by NVIDIA Base Command, proven software that includes AI workflow management, libraries that accelerate compute, storage, and network infrastructure, and an operating system optimized for AI workloads.

Dedicated expertise and services.

DGX SuperPOD includes dedicated expertise that spans installation to infrastructure management to scaling workloads to streamlining production AI. Get dedicated access to a DGXpert—your direct line to the world’s largest team of AI-fluent practitioners.

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Tour an NVIDIA Data Center

Take a look inside an NVIDIA data center that houses AI supercomputers ranking in the top tier of the TOP500 and the Green500 supercomputing lists—built with DGX SuperPOD.

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