NVIDIA Base Command Platform

NVIDIA Base Command™ Platform is a software service for enterprise-class AI training that enables businesses and their data scientists to accelerate AI development.

Part of the NVIDIA DGX™ platform, Base Command Platform provides centralized, hybrid control of AI training projects. It works with NVIDIA DGX Cloud and NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD.

Experience World-Class AI Training

Accelerated Return on Investment for AI Initiatives

Base Command Platform, in combination with NVIDIA-accelerated AI infrastructure, provides a cloud-hosted solution for AI development, so users can avoid the overhead and pitfalls of deploying and running a do-it-yourself platform.

Comprehensive AI Workflow Management

Base Command Platform efficiently configures and manages AI workloads, delivers integrated dataset management, and executes them on right-sized resources ranging from a single GPU to large-scale, multi-node clusters in the cloud or on premises.

Simplified Collaboration for Data Science Teams

Base Command Platform provides the easiest way for researchers and scientists to share data, models, results, and AI compute power across an organization.

Integrated Monitoring and Reporting Dashboards

IT staff and AI practitioners can analyze and optimize AI resources with features like built-in telemetry, and business leaders can access reporting and showback capabilities to get the most from their AI infrastructure.

The AI Training Platform NVIDIA Uses

Because NVIDIA’s own engineers and researchers rely on it every day, the platform receives continuous software enhancements. All AI practitioners can experience the same efficiency and reliability as our own.

Choose the Right Compute Environment

Use NVIDIA Base Command Platform to run workloads in the cloud with NVIDIA DGX Cloud, on premises with NVIDIA DGX systems, or both—all from the same single-pane-of-glass workspace.


Multi-node AI-training-as-a-service solution with integrated DGX infrastructure and Base Command Platform, optimized for the unique demands of enterprise AI. Build hybrid AI clouds with DGX Cloud.

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Use Base Command Platform with your own on-premises NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD, an AI data center infrastructure that enables IT to deliver performance—without compromise—for every user and workload.

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See Base Command Platform in Action

Take a guided tour of NVIDIA Base Command Platform, a software service for enterprise-class AI training which also provides centralized control of your AI training projects and works with NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD. You can also explore some of the features and capabilities that NVIDIA Base Command Platform offers to centralize and accelerate enterprise AI development in our technical blog.